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We are oncology yoga professionals fundraising for the provision of life-saving treatment, supportive care, and vital services and products for Ukrainian children and adolescents with cancer whose treatment is disrupted by war.

Who we are:

Yoga United for Ukraine is a campaign conceived in February 2022 by a group of yoga professionals in the United States, Canada, and UK who work in cancer care. We have come together as a passion-based community to raise funds on behalf of young Ukrainian cancer patients whose care has been disrupted by war. As healthcare professionals working in oncology, we know firsthand that having a child or adolescent diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience for every family and requires an enormous inner strength from parents, siblings, or close relatives. Now, Ukrainian children with cancer and their families are facing a second stressful situation with an unpredictable outcome: War. Their care is being interrupted by acts of aggression, criminal attacks on medical facilities, loss of their medical records, dwindling food and supplies, and barriers to safe movement within and across borders. Each of us is heartbroken; outraged at the widespread suffering and death caused by an unprovoked invasion of one country by another. We join the world in calling for an immediate end to this unjustified aggression. Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people and cancer patients of all ages worldwide.

By amplifying the voice of the cancer community in Ukraine, we are not turning away from the profound suffering experienced by millions of cancer patients in other parts of the world. We recognize that disparity in cancer care is itself a malignancy and we are committed to fighting it. This is but one effort to do so. Members of this group have also supported Tuba City Regional Healthcare Cancer Clinic in Navajo Nation; Project Pink Blue in Abuja, Nigeria; Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, Tamil Nadu, India; and participated in Union of International Cancer Control's (UICC) World Cancer Day 2022 #Close the Gap campaign.

What we're doing:

Compelled to act, we created Yoga United for Ukraine as a platform to unite the global community in support of humanitarian efforts currently underway across war-ravaged Ukraine. Our fundraising focus is targeted. We are raising money in support of Ukraine's pediatric, adolescent, and young adult cancer patients whose chemo-radiation, immunotherapy, and other treatments have been disrupted. They and their families are now fighting a battle on two fronts: Cancer and War. Many are being treated in damp, moldy hospital basements which act as bomb shelters; others are queued for evacuation from the war zone. To that end, we are raising money to support the humanitarian work of an exceptional nonprofit organization who is on the ground in Ukraine delivering aid in an extremely fragile environment: Tabletochki Charity Foundation, a member organization of Childhood Cancer International (CCI).


Who we're supporting:

Tabletochki is Ukraine's largest charity foundation that advocates for and protects the interests of children with cancer and their families. Since 2013, Tabletochki procures medicines not available to the public for 21 oncology units, arranges palliative care and psychological support, pays for treatment abroad when it is unavailable in Ukraine, runs regular art therapy lessons at pediatric oncology departments, develops the volunteer and donor movement in Ukraine, and advocates for reforms in pediatric cancer treatment at the country level. In a recent interview with NBC News, Tabletochki's Yuliya Nogovitsyna said pharmacies and warehouses with medication that the patients need have closed down. We (YU2) have created a Global Giving fundraising page on Tabletockhi's behalf - the link is below. This charitable trust is a Ukrainian member organization of Childhood Cancer International and has undergone stringent vetting standards by Global Giving.

Childhood Cancer International (CCI) is recognized world-wide as the body representing children and adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors, and their  families. Founded in 1994 as an umbrella organization of childhood cancer grassroots and national parent organizations, CCI works in partnership with international development organizations, policy makers, civil society organizations, health, research, and medical professionals. They have established an Emergency Fund for Ukraine. Because the situation in Ukraine is fluid, they are allocating funds where they are most needed:

  • Traveling: fleeing Ukraine, regrouping families, traveling back home

  • Medical: pharmaceutical or medical supplies, drugs, cancer treatment (if not covered by the state’s health insurance)

  • Housing: pay of rent, hotel, parents house for families of children with cancer from Ukraine (if not covered by local NGO’s)

  • Daily expenses: food, clothes, hygiene goods

  • Others such as translation costs etc

How we're doing it:

We are fundraising through grass roots efforts on social media and word of mouth shared through our personal and professional networks. Firstly, we are creating awareness of the dire needs of cancer patients in Ukraine and providing easy access links for direct donations to the charities themselves. Secondly, this group is raising money through donation-based yoga and meditation classes - 100% of class donations will go to these two charities. Every donation will benefit from a report of the fund allocation. Events will be listed on our Events page (coming soon) accessed via the menu bar, and on our social media channels.

Why we're doing it:

To ease suffering. Interruption of life-saving cancer care adds to the massive pain and needless suffering caused by bombs and gunfire. As oncology yoga professionals working in academic medical centers, hospitals, and clinics, we dream of a world where cancer is prevented or cured and every survivor thrives. We are committed to working together to protect the health and well-being of people with cancer everywhere. Each of us - along with our extended community - has the Ukrainian people in our hearts and prayers.

In solidarity. We stand in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine during the Russian military attack on their country, and we also acknowledge our colleagues at the Ukraine Federation of Yoga who are opening their yoga studios to feed and shelter Ukrainian people displaced from their homes. We see you. We are raising money to enable you to continue this selfless work. Shanti, shanti, shanti. Peace.

What you can do:

Be part of something important! When we all work together, the scale of the collective good can make a more profound impact on the lives of Ukraine's children, teens, young adults, and families who are facing cancer during war. Digital fundraising is the modern supercharged way to multiply our reach by adding our friends, family, and networks to our efforts. We invite you to join our compassionate community - all of whom are volunteering their time and expertise - in  support of our targeted relief efforts.


To learn ways in which you and your family can contribute to our targeted efforts in support of pediatric and adolescent/young adult cancer patients:


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We leave you with a meditation for peace, by American poet Sara Teasdale (1884-1933):


Peace flows into me
As the tide to the pool by the shore;
It is mine forevermore,
It ebbs not back like the sea …


Sleep safe 'til the morrow.


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